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Our health and wellness professionals approach childhood development and wellness, as we all should. We understand where we currently are in regards to our overall state of our health crisis. With Child obesity at an all time high, this is the first generation of kids where they have a chance of passing prior to their parents.


We are at a place where it’s not as clear and easy to maintain optimal health and wellness. So with that in mind, we figured our youth deserved a fair chance at truly understanding how to maintain an awesome state of health and wellness from every perspective.


Once the removal of the skewed vale occurs, kids can naturally be who they are destined to become. They all have various gifts, and abilities that need to be developed and nourished. But the only way for each child to truly cultivate their talents and gifts properly is with optimal health and wellness.


So, our health and wellness programming reflects our true love for our youth, and our passion to see them succeed optimally. Below you will see a list of fun programs we can offer at your facility, to help develop well-balanced youth in your community.


Availability of classes and programs will vary based upon facility and location. Check with the local host facility to get an updated copy of the current classes and programs being offered.


Want to host an Inner G Kids After-School program at your facility? Contact us today. 

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·      Youth Fit Club & Fitness Challenges

·      The Return of P.E.

·      Fuel Up to Play 60

·      Explore MyWorld & Hiking

·      Little Yoga

·      (See sports for more active classes and programs)



·      Inner G Kids Little Chefs Cooking class

·      Organic Life

·      Small Farming 101

·      MyPlate



·      Discover ME

·      Natural product classes

·      Talk About it

·      Life and Leadership

·      3M (My money management)

·      MyWorld  / Pay it 4ward

·      Education / STEM

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