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The long-term benefits of sports and competitive activity are countless and immeasurable. These theories and hypotheses have been validated time after time, and each somewhat varying beneficially to certain degrees. But the major portion that has our attention would be the health, wellness and social beneficial habits established during the youth to early adult years while playing sports.

So we look at sports to a child, as “Winnie-the-pooh” would view honey. While under the seductive trans and allure of sports glory as they mimic their favorite sports heroes, we are keeping you healthy in a society where it is becoming harder to remain under the global obesity rate.


So because they are striving to immolate their “super-hero” athletes, we actually teach them how a “super-hero” really prepares.  Once the education process is thoroughly accepted and applied, “the journey” for excellence is awesome to watch unfolded and develop. Before our eyes we are watching our youth deal with challenges on and off their perspective playing fields that will eventually correlate to life.


Without spilling the beans on our “secrete sauce,” we are proud to have the worlds most comprehensive athletic development program. Starting from the building blocks of motor skill development in infancy, all the way to maintaining a long-term productive professional adult athletic career. Our holistic, energetic, and old school approach helps us build the complete athlete.  


Our sports programming reflects our true love for our youth, and our passion to see them succeed optimally. Below you will see a list of fun programs we can offer at your facility, to help develop well-balanced youth in your community.


Availability of classes and programs will vary based upon facility, amenities, available class space and location. Check with the local host facility to get an updated copy of the current classes and programs being offered.


Want to host an Inner G Kids After-School program at your facility? Contact us today. 

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