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In every child there is a realm inside which can often be over-looked or ignored in today’s society.  It’s time for us to begin to cultivate the natural skills and talents kids come into this world with.

We have found the best way to help a child discover their talents, is to allow them to try many things, and see what they naturally gravitate towards. Then we all can evaluate which new adventure comes easy to them like it would with a “natural.”


Optimal health and wellness is the first step of discovery “within.” Once a child is truly optimal, even sports and social continuity aren’t priority any longer. They can begin to understand their purpose and how it correlates with their natural talents.

We do believe there is a balance to which one can maintain a certain level of balance and tranquility in their own world. So that is our approach to long-term child development. The more balance and versatility one has, the less they will be hindered by limitations.


So, our creativity programming reflects our true love for our youth, and our passion to see them succeed optimally. Below you will see a list of fun programs we can offer at your facility, to help develop well-balanced youth in your community.


Availability of classes and programs will vary based upon facility, amenities, available class space and location. Check with the local host facility to get an updated copy of the current classes and programs being offered.


Want to host an Inner G Kids After-School program at your facility? Contact us today. 

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·      Drawing 101

·      Painting

·      Graphic Design

·      Sculpting

·      Photography

·      Poetry

·      Creative Writing

·      STEM



·      Coding 101

·      Web Development

·      3D Printing

·      Industrial Design 101

·      Invention Factory

·      Club Lego

·      STEM

·      ECO Project / MyWorld

·      The Lab / Tech NEXT

Music / Performing Arts


·      Private Music Lessons

·      Piano Class

·      Sing My Song music group

·      Music Production 101

·      Everyday Band Camp

·      Music History

·      Videography

·      Film Production

·      Acting 101

·      Screen Writing 101

·      Stage performing

·      Modeling

·      Poetry / Spoken Word

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